Laundry City Superstore


  • Open 24 Hours / 7 Days (Open every holidays too)
  • Over 120 Machines (Various size: Small / Medium / Large)
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Spacious Tables and Chairs
  • Spacious, Safe and Free Parking (Easy to Enter/Exit, not busy road)
  • Drop off available 24 hours (You can Pick up them anytime)
  • Soap Center / Free Wi-Fi Internet / ATM / Large LCD TV / Soda / Snacks


1. Self Service
  • You can wash clothes by yourself
  • High Efficiency Front-Load Machines
  • Latest technology: Smart Card system (You don't need to bring a bunch of Quarters)
  • Soap Center : Detergent, Bleach, Softener, Bounce and Laundry Bag are sold with competitive price

2. Wash & Fold Service
  • Drop off dirty clothes and enjoy your life, we will make your clothes clean
  • We use No 1 detergents (Tide & Downy) to wash your clothes, not like others
  • If needed, we also use Clorox and OxiClean to make your clothes cleaner, whiter and brighter
  • Same day Service Available (Drop off in the morning and Pick up in the evening)
  • Drop off available 24 hours (You can Pick up them anytime)
  • Just experience our services (Wash/Dry cleanly and Fold neatly), You will love our services

3. Drop-Off Service
  • Dry Cleaning: Drop off most of garments with lower price
  • Wash & Press: Drop off Men's Shirts with lower price
  • Drop off available 24 hours (You can Pick up them anytime)

4. Soap Center : Superstore
  • We sell most of laundry products with lower price
  • Detergent : Tide, Gain
  • Bleach : Clorox
  • Softener : Downy
  • Bounce, Laundry bags
  • Soda, Snacks are sold from vending machines

5. Entertainment
  • While you are waiting for washing/drying, you may enjoy your time:
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access: Bring your laptop and continue with your online life
  • Or, you can watch large LCD TV
  • Equipped spacious tables and chairs
  • Soda and Snacks are sold